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ASA Regional Squads 2023/24

The intention is to bring swimmers and their coaches together on a regular basis using the Saturday Lane Space ASA has at Westwave.

Each squad will be facilitated by a Lead Coach(s) in conjunction swimmers personal coaches.

Whilst participation in the squads is not compulsory we hope all swimmers and coaches will take advantage of this opportunity.

There are 3 Regional Squads

13/14, 15/16, 17/O

Each Squad will have 4-6 Sessions using ASA lane space

The Squads will focus on skills, technique, education, environments and experience with the aims of;

-developing and improving technical skills

-gaining racing experience through quality competition

-maintaining motivation to continue competing in the sport

-developing holistically as a person

-providing swimmers with skills to balance sport and non-sport life

 All personal coaches are encouraged to attend/assist

Regional Squads Selection Criteria and Overview 2023/24

 2023/24 Regional Squads

13/14 Squad Coaches
Jordan Iosefa Club 37 Sandra Burrow CCY
Alex Sandford Coast Swimming Club Max Polianski UNI
Donald Tian Coast Swimming Club Rafael Souza NSS
Liam Curling Coast Swimming Club Jessica Gibson HPK
Jason Els Coast Swimming Club
Clementine Zhang Howick Pakuranga
Kiri Yamagami Howick Pakuranga
Daniel Loh Howick Pakuranga
Leah Yang Howick Pakuranga
Lisa Shi Howick Pakuranga
Alex McIntosh Mt Wellington Swimming
Andrew Feng North Shore Swimming Club
Clement Choo North Shore Swimming Club
Elwin Bao North Shore Swimming Club
Savva Karpov Onehunga Swimming Club Inc.
Arissa Liu Phoenix Aquatics
Jethrow Yoon Phoenix Aquatics
Osbert Gu Phoenix Aquatics
Troy Blijlevens Phoenix Aquatics
Bianca Chan Roskill Swimming Club
Nemanya Markovich Roskill Swimming Club
Anahira McCutcheon TBSS Central City Swimming
Elyse Lam TBSS Central City Swimming
Danny Sun United Swimming Club
Michael Sun United Swimming Club
Seb Segers United Swimming Club
Bradley Searle United Swimming Club
Cameron Karpik United Swimming Club
Kayla Knight United Swimming Club
Mia MacDonald United Swimming Club
Olivia Wheeler United Swimming Club
15/16 Squad Coaches
Elizabeth Brennan Coast Swimming Club
Jack Potier Coast Swimming Club Jana Wilkitzki HPK
Jasper Cornish Coast Swimming Club David Lyles PHO
Mia Stanley-Hunt Coast Swimming Club Michael Mincham MTE
Savannah-eve Martin Coast Swimming Club John Gatfield CSC
Zoe Pedersen Coast Swimming Club
Mae-Ying Reynolds Howick Pakuranga
Olivia Bates Howick Pakuranga
Danielle Asiata Howick Pakuranga
Isaac Gear Mt Eden Swimming
Jacob Story Mt Eden Swimming
Ania Maritz North Shore Swimming Club
Holly Nelson North Shore Swimming Club
Youngsoo Ahn-Song North Shore Swimming Club
Blake Faleafa North Shore Swimming Club
Scarlett Bassett Parnell Swimming
Maisie Penman Parnell Swimming
Joseph Shin Phoenix Aquatics
Jasmine Lyles Phoenix Aquatics
Yeenok Zhang Phoenix Aquatics
Brandon Holder Phoenix Aquatics
Charles Heathcote Phoenix Aquatics
Daniel Kregting Roskill Swimming Club
Ethan Stocks Roskill Swimming Club
Kevin Zhang Roskill Swimming Club
Charlie Russell TBSS Central City Swimming
Amelia Bray TBSS Central City Swimming
Elisha Lam TBSS Central City Swimming
Amelia Duff United Swimming Club
Bosco Ding United Swimming Club
Fraser Walker United Swimming Club
Freya Hingston United Swimming Club
Mason Wang United Swimming Club
Owen Jin United Swimming Club
Sophie Barry United Swimming Club
Xanthe Miller United Swimming Club
Alexandra Campion United Swimming Club
Hannah Piper United Swimming Club
Isabelle Gibson United Swimming Club
James Crosbie United Swimming Club
Leo Arrowsmith United Swimming Club
Luke Gibson United Swimming Club
Rebecca Pitout United Swimming Club
17/O Squad Coaches
Michael Pickett Club37 Michael Weston CSC
Josh Gilbert Club37 Dave Prattley NSS
Phoebe Harris Club37 Ryan Lockwood PHO
Zac Dell Club37
Andrew Jeffcoat Club37
Gabi Fa'amausili Club37
Carter Swift Club37
Josh Pickett Club37
Rebecca Moynihan Club37
Larn Hamblyn-Ough Coast Swimming Club
Lena Hamblyn-Ough Coast Swimming Club
Sam Kenny Coast Swimming Club
Amber George Coast Swimming Club
Charlie Twose Coast Swimming Club
Aimee Crosbie Coast Swimming Club
Cameron Gray Coast Swimming Club
Zyleika Pratt-Smith Coast Swimming Club
Amadika Atkinson Coast Swimming Club
Chelsey Edwards Coast Swimming Club
Fergus Eadie Coast Swimming Club
George Williams Coast Swimming Club
Wilrich Coetzee Coast Swimming Club
Helena Gasson Coast Swimming Club
Michaela Botha Howick Pakuranga
Olivia Sweetman Howick Pakuranga
Hunter Dobson North Shore Swimming Club
Ivan Lu North Shore Swimming Club
Summer Osborne North Shore Swimming Club
Melissa Cowen North Shore Swimming Club
Ryan Quinn North Shore Swimming Club
Tori Grout North Shore Swimming Club
MacAllister Clark North Shore Swimming Club
John Quirk North Shore Swimming Club
Samuel Poching North Shore Swimming Club
Louis Clark North Shore Swimming Club
Blair Helms North Shore Swimming Club
Mohamed Masoud North Shore Swimming Club
Ryan Peck Parnell Swimming
Jack Hendy Parnell Swimming
Rebecca Wilkins Phoenix Aquatics
Hazel Ouwehand Phoenix Aquatics
Ruby Matthews Phoenix Aquatics
Alex Dunkley Roskill Swimming Club
Anna McGowan TBSS Central City Swimming
Harrison Klouwens TBSS Central City Swimming
Lanihei Connolly (V) TBSS Central City Swimming
Liv Peebles TBSS Central City Swimming
Tess Whineray TBSS Central City Swimming
Eva Allan United Swimming Club
Jackson Kennard United Swimming Club
Grace Baik United Swimming Club
Hugo Batchelor United Swimming Club
Trelise Dance United Swimming Club