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Technical Booklets

Swimming Auckland have developed a series of informative booklets explaining various important roles that parents and club volunteers can perform at swimming competitions. These include:

1.   Parents Introduction to Swimming

2.   Parents Guide to Officiating

3.   A Guide to Timekeeping

4.   Judge of Stroke, Inspector of Turns

5.   Rules Interpretation for Stoke and Turn Judge

6.   Starter

7.   Referee Notes

FINA RULE CARD updated May 2014

Please contact your club if you wish to have a copy for your reference.

If your club does not currently have any copies available, contact Swimming Auckland office and request these be forwarded.

A brief summary of each of the above mentioned booklets follow:

1. Parents Introduction to Swimming

This booklet introduces parents to the sport of swimming.

Remember, not every swimmer becomes a world record holder, but everyone gains from their swimming experience. Supporting your child in swimming can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You may soon find yourself cheering at competitions, timekeeping during meets, and (heaven forbid!) even going on to become an ASA and Swimming New Zealand certified official.

2. Parents Guide to Officiating

Officials are the life-blood of our sport.

They are VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers dedicate many hours of time and energy working in a variety of ways to ensure the survival and success of our sport.

Volunteers do everything! Volunteers fill every position necessary for Clubs and Swimming Auckland to function effectively. Their numbers are even more valuable during a competition period.

3. A Guide to Timekeeping

Timekeeping is the role in which most people are introduced to officiating.  It is a key role - it is responsible for the fundamental measure of a swimmer’s performance – their time.

Timekeeping is a great way to meet new people in the sport and is also a good way to spend your time while your child participates.  You are fulfilling a major role in helping the swim meet to run.

4. Judge of Stroke & Inspector of Turns

Inspectors of Turns (IOTs) must read, know and understand the swim rules that govern swimming in New Zealand. They must be fair and make sure that the rules are complied with.

If a stroke rule for turning or finishing is broken they must be sure of what they saw. There must be no middle ground; if there is any doubt then the benefit of that doubt must go to the swimmer at all times.

5. Rule Interpretation for Stroke & Turn Judge

The information contained in this booklet covers IOTs and JOS.  It sets out the rules pertaining to the positioning of IOTs and JOS, stroke rules and diagrams, disqualifications and turns.

It is a very informative booklet for officials who are progressing in their qualifications.

6. Starter

This is one the senior roles in swimming officiating.  It is a role that requires the official to be sharp, clear and most of all calm.

Starting in the sport of swimming looks straightforward and easy to most people. To keep it this way depends on how you conduct yourself - to be calm and relaxed, but still in control, requires certain capabilities of an individual that not everyone has.

7. Referee Notes

This is the most senior position on poolside.