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We're Back!

We have also been acutely aware the impact Covid-19 has had and continues to have, on the world and on sport and appreciate that we cannot go back to doing what we have always done.

Sport in NZ is undergoing a major overhaul in regards to delivery and funding, from grassroots to elite level. For our sport to survive and to thrive we need to explore the opportunities that such changes bring.

Sport NZ has publicly stated that all Sports Codes, at all levels, must adapt and change, especially in how they deliver Junior and Youth sport. This is not just a NZ phenomenon, this is global. The research and statistics don’t lie – participation in sport at Junior and Youth level is in major decline.

For more information on where things appear to be heading in NZ, please follow the links below; 

As part of the Balance is Better Philosophy, we have restructured the Level Meets for the remainder of 2020. Level 3 will remain unchanged and Levels 1 and 2 will be combined, but split into 12/U and 13/O meets. 

The focus of some of the Level meets will also change, with more emphasis being placed on ‘racing for fun’ – Low stakes/High enjoyment! More relays, skill races, a Team/Club focus and targeted events depending on the time of season. There will be a healthy mix of new and traditional. 

The first of the ‘New’ Level meets will take place in August. They will be Low stakes/High enjoyment with a mix of events. Times achieved can be used for Level and Regional qualification/entry. They will not be able to be used for qualification/entry to National Competitions in 2021.

Please note that approved times are NOT required for ANY meet (Level, Regional or National for the remainder of 2020) 

Moving forward, only certain designated meets will be available to achieve ‘approved times’ for National event qualification (10 meets, per Region, per season).This is in line with the Swimming NZ Competition restructure. 

We understand that change can be hard and take us out of our comfort zone. We also understand that now is the time to implement change, to do the hard stuff and to come out the other side a better sport for it.